Furry Shadow Fursona from Hypnobeast.com

I've done recordings in the past to help people explore their subconscious and come up with a fursona, but what if we mixed the idea of a fursona with other ways of seeing yourself? 

In early psychology it was posited that people have a shadow self, a part of themselves that they do not recognize. This shadow self tends to be our own faults that we are in denial over. But it is also any part of the self that we fail to recognize and accept.

Back when I used to do guided imagery with furs, many of my clients incorporated their shadow selves into their fursona. The more they assumed the role of their fursona, the more comfortable with aspects of their selves that they might not have been able to have been comfortable with in the past, such as their sexuality and gender.

I used to joke to myself that I had the power to turn people into gay furries, but the truth is people are just naturally more diverse than they let on and role play and creative exercises like guided imagery allow people to explore parts of themselves without consequences.

So here is a recording that is focused on creating a fursona that is mostly based on your shadow self. Personally, I got jewel-encrusted zombie dragon the first time I listened to it, but in the back of my mind I was thinking of a Persona-style demon. There is nothing in the recording to indicate that the shadow fursona has to be dark and gloomy. It could be a kitten.

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