Hello Podcast Family,

Here is a general relaxation track featuring a guided imagery trip to HypnoBeast's office. I imagine HypnoBeast travels often, so perhaps he's filling in for a friend... who is going to return to find that all his clientele have become furs. There isn't a lot of direct suggestions for transformation or growth in this recording. It poses the question: if you did see a hypnotist what would you work on and how would you feel?

A lot of the imagery was suggested by patrons in the telegram chat channel. 

I'm not really seeing clients anymore, so I had a few mixed feeling about featuring him as a hypnotherapist. Perhaps this will be the first of your encounters with HypnoBeast. Maybe next time he'll appear in a recording on a camping trip.  Perhaps he'll be a neo-pagan druid out in the woods. Or maybe the next recording will feature him as a coach at your gym. I'm on a journey and I figure he should be as well.

 For the audio I used the focused relaxation piece  "Ever Mindful" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com ) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License . 

The artwork is an old commission done by the artist NJay.

Your Humble Hypnotist,


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