You find yourself in a timeless plane drawn to a stone table among monoliths... you lie down and become possessed by the spirit of a burly giant.

Here is a simple relaxation journey featuring cameos of high tier supporters and a shout-out to anyone who've donated $100 bucks or more over the year...View Details

The good werewolves of Nardia have a night-time celebration of the full moon closest to the winter solstice. You just happened to become one on that d...View Details

In the magical land of Nardia (not to be confused with a similar sounding faerie realm) you find yourself becoming a chubby faun. A muscle-bound satyr...View Details

You make your way to the magical realm of Toyland, only to find yourself becoming a big softie in more ways than one.

One day you find a ticket to Toyland, and you never thought a train would actually arrive when you went to the tracks. But what sort of toys live in T...View Details

Orcs from another plane invade our world and quickly take it over with their might and magic. You are chosen to become an orc warrior in this transfor...View Details

Here is a  gnoll transformation journey with a bit added where you fall asleep cuddling with other gnolls.

What happens when you devour candy in an enchanted forest like a beast? You're in for a hairy surprise.

Travel to a mysterious forest where candy seems to grow as naturally from the ground as trees. But what happens when you eat the candy? Perhaps you'll...View Details

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