Find Your Fursona

Have you ever needed help to decide on your fursona or your next fursona? A fursona is an animal character you can use to represent yourself online. T...View Details

Here is another installment of dragon monk transformation. This recording is similar to the vanilla Dragon Brotherhood guided imagery, but this time w...View Details

Hashtag "Hogust" is here so here's a "trigger" recording for vividly imagining yourself transforming into giant pig-folk. Hoping to create 30-50 feral...View Details

Polar Bear Village

I had a few requests for recordings set in cold places to help get through heat waves. Here is a cross between Polar Bear Transformation and Bear Vill...View Details

Summoned Creature Trigger

Here is a hypnotic trigger recording to transform into a summoned monster like in the Summoned Monster Transformation guided imagery. It features a re...View Details

Dragon Trigger

I recently ran a poll to see what guided imagery setting people liked and I forgot to include plain hypnosis trigger scripts as an option. Quite a few...View Details

Anthro Wolf Trigger

Okay, technically if a human is gaining animal features it's a "zoomorph" and not an "anthromorph," but here is a trigger file to allow you to vividly...View Details

Big Cat Trigger

This recording is a companion to the Wolf Trigger released earlier this month. This one is to vividly imagine becoming an anthro big cat like a lion, ...View Details

Wolfkin Transformation

Here is the first anthro creature transformation in the "hipster wizard" urban fantasy setting, I think. I was going to do straight-up werewolves, but...View Details

Dragon For Dragon Knight

A dashing knight sweeps you off your feet and wants you to join him on his many adventures. There's only one catch...

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