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Wolfkin Transformation

Here is the first anthro creature transformation in the "hipster wizard" urban fantasy setting, I think. I was going to do straight-up werewolves, but...View Details

Brute Transformation

In the same setting as Fat Dragon Transformation and Satyr Transformation here is some guided imagery for transforming into a huge ogre-brute. I imagi...View Details

A lion knight appears at your home and recruits you to return to his furry kingdom to join the castle guard. You transform into your furry self and mu...View Details

Fat Dragon Transformation

Similar to satyr transformation, but this time you turn into a fat dragon with a belly full of primal magic.

Satyr Transformation

Here is a fun guided imagery story where you can become a satyr and join a band of other satyrs in an urban fantasy setting.


A witch's cat, a wizard's owl, a pocket monster-- the idea of a familiar to channel power through is a captivating one. This recording guides you to i...View Details