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You find yourself in a timeless plane drawn to a stone table among monoliths... you lie down and become possessed by the spirit of a burly giant.

The good werewolves of Nardia have a night-time celebration of the full moon closest to the winter solstice. You just happened to become one on that d...View Details

In the magical land of Nardia (not to be confused with a similar sounding faerie realm) you find yourself becoming a chubby faun. A muscle-bound satyr...View Details

You make your way to the magical realm of Toyland, only to find yourself becoming a big softie in more ways than one.

Fursona Trigger

Here is a hypnotic recording to anchor a trigger to vividly imagine becoming your fursona. A fursona is an animal character you use to represent yours...View Details

Hashtag "Hogust" is here so here's a "trigger" recording for vividly imagining yourself transforming into giant pig-folk. Hoping to create 30-50 feral...View Details

Summoned Creature Trigger

Here is a hypnotic trigger recording to transform into a summoned monster like in the Summoned Monster Transformation guided imagery. It features a re...View Details

Dragon Trigger

I recently ran a poll to see what guided imagery setting people liked and I forgot to include plain hypnosis trigger scripts as an option. Quite a few...View Details

Anthro Wolf Trigger

Okay, technically if a human is gaining animal features it's a "zoomorph" and not an "anthromorph," but here is a trigger file to allow you to vividly...View Details

A hypnotic guided imagery track where you get transformed by Hispter Wizards into a non-elemental, Ifrit-like ethereal monster and bound to a crystal ...View Details