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Fursona Trigger

Here is a hypnotic recording to anchor a trigger to vividly imagine becoming your fursona. A fursona is an animal character you use to represent yours...View Details

Hashtag "Hogust" is here so here's a "trigger" recording for vividly imagining yourself transforming into giant pig-folk. Hoping to create 30-50 feral...View Details

Summoned Creature Trigger

Here is a hypnotic trigger recording to transform into a summoned monster like in the Summoned Monster Transformation guided imagery. It features a re...View Details

Dragon Trigger

I recently ran a poll to see what guided imagery setting people liked and I forgot to include plain hypnosis trigger scripts as an option. Quite a few...View Details

Anthro Wolf Trigger

Okay, technically if a human is gaining animal features it's a "zoomorph" and not an "anthromorph," but here is a trigger file to allow you to vividly...View Details

A hypnotic guided imagery track where you get transformed by Hispter Wizards into a non-elemental, Ifrit-like ethereal monster and bound to a crystal ...View Details

Merfolk Transformation

Just in time for #MerMay here's a merfolk transformation. Relax in an island lagoon and transform into merfolk. 

Wizard Transformation

After getting transformed so many times by hipster wizards, I figured it was about time listeners become hipster wizards themselves. This one is more ...View Details

In this experience, you grow into a huge hairy giant and escape to the forest after a magical massage from a wizard.

Brute Transformation

In the same setting as Fat Dragon Transformation and Satyr Transformation here is some guided imagery for transforming into a huge ogre-brute. I imagi...View Details