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Furry Castle Sleep

In the same setting as "Lion King and Lion Knight" and "Muscle Brute Guard" here is a gentle sleep induction to guide you to imagine being a furry sov...View Details

A lion knight appears at your home and recruits you to return to his furry kingdom to join the castle guard. You transform into your furry self and mu...View Details

Lion King and Lion Knight

Listen to this recording and become a powerful lion king of a magical kingdom of animal people with a knight to protect you.

Fat Dragon Transformation

Similar to satyr transformation, but this time you turn into a fat dragon with a belly full of primal magic.

Satyr Transformation

Here is a fun guided imagery story where you can become a satyr and join a band of other satyrs in an urban fantasy setting.

Frog Transformation

Inspired by the rain,relax and become a chill frog person as the world turns into a magic swamp.

Super Power

The world can always use more heroes. Here is some hypnotic guided imagery to allow you to imagine becoming your own superhero. 

Furry Muscle Gym

Imagine traveling downtown and finding a new gym opening. Standing amid the balloons and displays is a well-muscled tiger. He ushers you into the gym ...View Details


A witch's cat, a wizard's owl, a pocket monster-- the idea of a familiar to channel power through is a captivating one. This recording guides you to i...View Details

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