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Hashtag "Hogust" is here so here's a "trigger" recording for vividly imagining yourself transforming into giant pig-folk. Hoping to create 30-50 feral...View Details

Anthro Wolf Trigger

Okay, technically if a human is gaining animal features it's a "zoomorph" and not an "anthromorph," but here is a trigger file to allow you to vividly...View Details

Wolfkin Transformation

Here is the first anthro creature transformation in the "hipster wizard" urban fantasy setting, I think. I was going to do straight-up werewolves, but...View Details

A hypnotic guided imagery track where you get transformed by Hispter Wizards into a non-elemental, Ifrit-like ethereal monster and bound to a crystal ...View Details

Wizard Transformation

After getting transformed so many times by hipster wizards, I figured it was about time listeners become hipster wizards themselves. This one is more ...View Details

Armor Trigger

This recording focus on being less sensitive to what others say. It's great if you're around cruel or negative people all the time. Just say "Armor u...View Details

Brute Transformation

In the same setting as Fat Dragon Transformation and Satyr Transformation here is some guided imagery for transforming into a huge ogre-brute. I imagi...View Details

Ape Trigger

Here is a fun trigger to get you to vividly imagine yourself as an ape when you receive the trigger phrase "become ape."

Muscle Beast Trigger

This hypnotic recording anchors a trigger phrase to experience yourself transforming into a muscle beast. If you follow instructions and respond with ...View Details

Vividly Imagine transforming into Clawhauser from Zootopia.

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