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Just in time for the new year please enjoy this guided imagery session for mental renewal. You can listen to this open-ended exploration of a personal...View Details

A Day With HypnoBeast

Wouldn't it be nice just to relax and experience a meandering slice-of-life with HypnoBeast in the furry city? You can enjoy spending a day with the l...View Details

Slip into a pool of soothing cool water situated high up in pine mountains. The deeper you sink into this magical pool of water the more the power of ...View Details

Centaur Transformation

Imagine a vast plain full of wildflowers and watering holes in a far-off realm full of kind faeries. This land is home to the mighty centaurs who ...View Details

Continuing with the furry north pole setting you stumble into the path of a fox toy maker near his workshop. You shrink down to just short of micro si...View Details

Avian Village

Fly through wooded mountain on a soothing breeze then transform into an avian form as you visit a village of bird people in this relaxing guided image...View Details

Furry Feast

Imagine you went to your favorite furry character's home for a holiday feast and all your other favorite furry characters showed up. That's the premis...View Details

Imagine you wake up in a restorative fairy fountain in a deep dungeon. Perhaps you find yourself relaxing for a few moments as your body and mind heal...View Details

Who wouldn't want to be a bigfoot meandering in the deep woods peacefully? This recording is a simple bigfoot transformation with anchors. Before tran...View Details

Here's a fun little guided imagery track about going trick-or-treating as your fursona and collecting all sorts of magical treats. You find yourself a...View Details

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