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Here is a simple relaxation journey featuring cameos of high tier supporters and a shout-out to anyone who've donated $100 bucks or more over the year...View Details

You make your way to the magical realm of Toyland, only to find yourself becoming a big softie in more ways than one.

Sleep Find Your Fursona

Would you like to literally dream up a new fursona? Here is a recording for you. This file acts as a sleep induction with suggestions to dream about y...View Details

Dragon For Dragon Knight

A dashing knight sweeps you off your feet and wants you to join him on his many adventures. There's only one catch...

Merfolk Transformation

Just in time for #MerMay here's a merfolk transformation. Relax in an island lagoon and transform into merfolk. 

In this experience, you grow into a huge hairy giant and escape to the forest after a magical massage from a wizard.

This recording is a result of me consulting the exclusive VIP telegram room ($5 per recording tier) and having Frost Endwood  offer up the idea of "Sh...View Details

A lion knight appears at your home and recruits you to return to his furry kingdom to join the castle guard. You transform into your furry self and mu...View Details

Lion King and Lion Knight

Listen to this recording and become a powerful lion king of a magical kingdom of animal people with a knight to protect you.

Fat Dragon Transformation

Similar to satyr transformation, but this time you turn into a fat dragon with a belly full of primal magic.

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