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Fursona Trigger

Here is a hypnotic recording to anchor a trigger to vividly imagine becoming your fursona. A fursona is an animal character you use to represent yours...View Details

Sleep Find Your Fursona

Would you like to literally dream up a new fursona? Here is a recording for you. This file acts as a sleep induction with suggestions to dream about y...View Details

Vividly Imagine transforming into Clawhauser from Zootopia.

Furry Castle Sleep

In the same setting as "Lion King and Lion Knight" and "Muscle Brute Guard" here is a gentle sleep induction to guide you to imagine being a furry sov...View Details

Lion King and Lion Knight

Listen to this recording and become a powerful lion king of a magical kingdom of animal people with a knight to protect you.

Reindeer Transformation

Become a burly anthro reindeer and help pull Santa's sleigh through the sky with your new teammates. It was fun to imagine reindeer as sorta like fire...View Details

Furry Feast

Imagine you went to your favorite furry character's home for a holiday feast and all your other favorite furry characters showed up. That's the premis...View Details

Imagine you wake up in a restorative fairy fountain in a deep dungeon. Perhaps you find yourself relaxing for a few moments as your body and mind heal...View Details

Here's a fun little guided imagery track about going trick-or-treating as your fursona and collecting all sorts of magical treats. You find yourself a...View Details

I had fun recording this guided imagery track. I had planned to record some furry guided imagery with a touch of personal growth, but instead I went w...View Details

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